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Psychotherapy Aix en Provence

Nicole STORA, Therapist in Aix en Provence

Nicole STORA, Psychotherapist

I practise person-centred psychotherapy in French and English.
Carl Rogers humanistic approach places trust in the individual to resolve their conflicts and genuinely respects them as they are.

The relationship between the client and the therapist is at the heart of the therapy. The clients know their problems best and can tap into their resources if they get adequate help.
The therapist listens with empathy and acceptance as the clients move to greater self understanding and awareness ; in this existential therapy the clients can thus be guided on their way to change.

Going into therapy is a way to self (re)discovery in order to understand and change the often unconscious mechanisms which lead us into situations which are not good for us and make us suffer.

Therapy is a way to self awareness and acceptance which allows one to make one’s own choices beyond the opinion of others, helped by the empathic understanding of the therapist.

You may also want to go into therapy because you feel that something is missing in your life, because, as is often heard « I have the feeling I do not live, I function ; I do not really live my life » Psychotherapy helps to reconnect one’s own experience.

Person-centered psychotherapy is particularly helpful when going through difficulties in your emotional life, in your relationship with your partner (Couple Therapy), your family or at work ; in case of bereavement, separation, disease, or personal crisis…..

Let yourself be helped and find out more about person-centred psychotherapy
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« There is no human problem that can’t find a solution, as the solution is within us. »
Alfred Sauvy (french economist, 1898-1990)