Psychotherapy Sessions

Counseling sessions

carre-ptt  Who are they for?

Person-centred therapy provides a psychological help to get you through certain difficult periods in your life:

  • If you are feeling unhappy or depressed
  • If you are feeling anxious
  • If you are in a crisis in your life (separation, divorce, bereavement…)
  • If you have problems in your relationships at home, at work or elsewhere
  • If you are faced with a difficult decision and you feel you need guidance …

carre-ptt  The therapy sessions :

I charge 50 € for a session lasting approximately an hour.
You can be covered by your private insurance ; do not hesitate to ask your insurance company for further information.


My office is in Saint- Marc Jaumegarde, Aix en Provence.
You can contact me for an appointment
by phone or by leaving a message here