Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy – Couple Therapist

Person-centered psychotherapy is particularly helpful when going through difficulties in your emotional life, in your relationship with your partner, your family or at work ; in case of bereavement, separation, disease, or personal crisis…

carre-ptt  A safe environment for a couple

Couple therapy enables you to find a safe environment to learn again how to listen to your partner, to voice your own perspective on things without fearing the reaction of the other person.
The non directive person-centered therapist wants to understand the experience of the client in their interaction with the other.

Each partner can then find strength in this new understanding of him(her)self and of the other to rebuild a true working relationship which will be satisfactory to both.
The couple can also choose to break up and be able to go through all the emotions generated by this separation in a harmonious way, with the empathic presence and understanding of the therapist.

carre-ptt  Let yourself be helped and find out more about person-centred psychotherapy
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